Registration and licensing

G&L INVEST LLC received a license No. 0018 for the provision of investment services by the decision of the Central Bank Council No. 138Ա.
We offer the following services to our clients in the securities market:
1. Acceptance of orders for securities transactions from clients and reporting.
2. Execution of securities transactions on behalf of the company or the customer.

Our Mission & Goals

1. Our mission is to be a reliable financial intermediary in the Armenian financial market, introducing and developing these services in the region
2. The Company's vision is to make investment services available in Armenia to promote the above-mentioned market by supplying the best results for customers, partners, and participants.
3. The Company's strategy is focused on the accomplishment of the following goals:

  • Attracting investments from foreign legal entities and individuals to the Armenian market
  • To become a stable and reliable financial institution in the RA financial market, especially in the securities market.
  • As the services provided to investors contain an element of fiduciary duty (obligation to act for the benefit of the customer), the Company will, therefore, strive to increase the customers' trust in it continuously.
  • Develop a stable circle of partners following the business ideology adopted by the Company. The realization of this goal is conditioned by the need to strengthen the Company's position in the RA securities market, to expand the range of services provided, as well as to give a new impetus to the Company's development.
  • Actively apply marketing measures to increase the Company's awareness. Consistent implementation of this goal will enable the Company to build a wide range of customers.

Our Values

  • Strengthening cooperation: we seek to build և develop stable և long-term relationships with our partners
  • Honesty: we value honesty, trust and business ethics
  • Privacy: we maintain the inviolability of information about partners
  • Professionalism: To achieve the best result, our specialists consistently participate in professional training
  • Prudence: Applying the principle of decision-making collegiality, we ensure the effectiveness of decision-making and risk diversification

Our Shareholders

Team Member Picture
Share 50%

Gevorg Nalbandyan

Team Member Picture
Share 50%

Larisa Nalbandyan

Company's Management

People behind the success of your investment

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Share 50%

Gevorg Nalbandyan

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Chief Accountant

Albert Asatryan

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Head of Internal Audit

Varduhy Papazyan

Gevorg Nalbandyan Share 50%

Director of the Company

Gevorg Nalbandyan is the director and shareholder of our Company.
He has more than 15 years of experience in financial organizations.
During these years he has held the positions of Advisor to the General Director, Head of the Financial Department, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer in Artsakhbank, Armimpexbank and Haypost CJSC.

Albert Asatryan Chief Accountant

Chief Accountant

Albert Asatryan started his professional career in 2008 at Grant Thornton, holding the position of First Class Senior Auditor.
From 2010 to 2013 held the CFO position in Sirius-Shin Company and SAS Group Holding.
From 2013 to present he is the Director-Shareholder of Asatryans LLC: Audit, Tax and Consulting service company.
Albert Asatryan is a member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Armenia and The Institute of Internal Auditors.

Activity Regulation G&L INVEST

List of basic laws, normative legal acts, which regulate the provision of services by the company.

1. RA Civil Code
2. RA Law on the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
3. RA Law on Securities Market
4. RA Law on Joint Stock Companies
5. RA Law on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
6. RA Law օn Currency Regulation and Currency Control
7. RA Law on Accounting
8. RA Law on Profit Tax
9. RA Law on Income Tax
10. RA Law on the Financial System Mediator
1. Regulation 4/01
Registration and licensing of investment companies, registration of representations of investment companies branches of foreign investment companies, the procedure for obtaining prior consent for significant participation in the statutory capital of investment companies, the procedure for submission of business plans submitted by investment companies. Information on the provision of services.
2 ․ Regulation 4/02
The main economic norms of investment companies, their limits, the calculation procedure, the composition of the elements participating in the calculation, the amount of violations of the defined economic norms.
3 ․ Regulation 4/03
Investment Services Providers' Reports to the Central Bank, Procedure for Their Submission, Eggs and Deadlines.
4 ․ Regulation 4/05
Qualification of investment service providers, operator, managers of the Central Depository and individuals providing investment services, criteria of their professional adequacy list of topics for professional qualification examination.
5 ․ Regulation 4/06
Criteria for considering qualified investors and procedure for registration of persons as qualified investors.
6. Regulation 4/07
Requirements for the activities of investment service providers.
7. Regulation 4/08
Reports, references, explanations submitted to the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia for remote control of securities market supervisors, the procedure for making such documents available to the public, exceptions to the requirement to make those documents available to the public.
8. Regulation 33
Securities custody activity.
9. Regulation on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.
You can use the website of the Central Bank of Armenia for more information on laws and regulations. (www.cba.am)