Services & Prices G&L INVEST

We offer individual investors the opportunity to make a profitable investment. The package of brokerage services developed by our company enables the individual investor to invest in securities adequately, other financial instruments, reasonably manage the invested funds with the minimal operational risks, and as a result, receive high returns.

Within the framework of brokerage activities, the company buys/sells securities on behalf of the client based on the client's instructions, as well as other activities related to brokerage activities. Our company provides the following brokerage services to individual investors:

  • Acceptance of orders for securities transactions from clients and reporting
  • Execution of securities transactions on behalf of the company or the customer

Procedure for calculating the commission charged from the client for brokerage services

The commission is calculated from the total value of each transaction concluded on the basis of the order given by the customer as follows:

For Stock Transactions (OTC)

Regardless of the volume, 1% of the total nominal value of securities, but not less than 5000 AMD

For Government bond transactions

Regardless of the volume 1-2.5% of the total nominal value of securities. The minimum amount of a transaction is 500,000 AMD

For Securities Transfer

0.05% of the total nominal value of securities transferred at the initiative of the client or court decision, but not less than 2500 AMD

These services are provided on the basis of a service contract concluded between the customer and the company.

The procedure of execution of transactions defines the list of documents required to become a customer of the company and acceptance of the order (application), which is the basis for concluding transactions and execution.